Decks in the Park was conceived by veteran Dallas DJ and top producing real estate agent, Jeff Mitchell. Armed with a unique set of skills ranging from extensive music business expertise, events experience, business expertise and a passion for giving back to the community, Jeff launched Decks in 2013. Since the debut of Decks in the Park, the event has grown into one of the most respected and loved music events in the city now drawing upwards of nearly 10,000 people per event! 


Decks in the Park was created with a vision and passion for strengthening our communities through music. We believe that music breaks down borders and cultural differences and lays fertile ground to unifying people in a positive and fun environment. We believe that having vibrant music programs, like Decks in the Park is a critical part of improving the quality of life in a world-class city.


Decks uniquely brings together a variety of people from all ages and cultural backgrounds. The event is commonly referred to as the largest and best reoccurring music event in the city. Top local and national DJ talents spin a variety of music genres from electronic, House, Drum and Base, Soul, Classics on vinyl, Funk, Hip Hop, Pop and more.


Decks represents all the great things about music festivals from people, great music, dancing, food, art, vendors and more, then packages it into one beautiful event that’s safe, free and accessible for all people and pets to enjoy.  At Decks you will experience diverse blends of music, pulsating rhythms, colorful lights, artistic video production and state of the art sound. Now a cultural touchstone, Decks In The Park offers friends and families, of all ages, the ideal setting to enjoy a picnic, dance to the beat of the city under the stars and create lasting memories!


The staggering audience growth – 400% since 2013 – has allowed the brand to grow in additional markets as well. In 2016, Decks In The Park joined forces with Utopia Festival to present a two-day music showcase in Austin in addition to adding a series of pop up events throughout Dallas.

Decks In The Park illustrates our ability to unify in a positive, fun and safe environment through music, a realization we hope to expand to more communities in 2019!




 Expand the musical culture and awareness for all ages in the city.


Inspire the use of public spaces in the urban environment.


Enhance quality of life in the community by connecting people through music.

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